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Use the Catering menu in Tali

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This menu allows you to record items taken at school e.g. meals.

You can record this using a Tablet device you have purchased from Pebble, via the Catering App. If you haven’t purchased your Tablet from Pebble, contact us to see if your device is compatible with the Catering App.

Money received for a Catering account is entered as a receipt and then take-up recorded on the Catering tab. You can then run various reports from the Catering tab on taken items. This also debits pupils’ money previously credited to the Catering Account.


To use the Catering menu, you must ensure that the account you want to record attendance against has been set up in the following way:

  • The Catering Account check box must be selected for the account through Administration > Manage Accounts.

  • You must have defined an Exclusion Group even if it has no pupils in it. This is a group that would not be expected to pay for the item you are recording as taken in the Catering menu. Pupils can be added to this group through Administration > Manage Names.

  • Display on Device should be selected if you record attendance on a Tablet. You may need to speak to us if you haven’t purchased your Tablet direct from us so see if it is compatible with the Register App.

  • Attendance Group and UISFM Group boxes are for recording pupil meals and Universal Free School Meals.

From the Register menu, you can do the following:

Register Actions

Record Taken Items
Record Universal Infant Free School Meals
Upload a Register File


Taken Items
Name Summary
Account Summary


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