Use this screen to see the total meals taken, the total number of free meals and the total number of Universal Free School Meals (UIFSMs).

For more information on recording UIFSMs see the Article, How do I record the Universal Infant Free School Meals being taken?

See the breakdown of free meals taken in a period

  1. Select the Account.

  2. Select the Date From and Date To dates.

  3. Click Search.
    The Universal Free School Meals statement is shown, listing the total number of free school meals taken (Total Taken) and broken down into the number of Free school meals and Universal Free Meals.

See what has been taken in different ways

  • To see what items have been taken, use Catering > Taken Items.

  • To see individual pupil balances, use Catering > Name Summary.

  • To see item statements for individual pupils, use Catering > Statement.

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