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Tali - Manage School Fund
Tali - Manage School Fund

How School Fund Works in Tali

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The UK government provides state funds to schools and colleges according to various rules. For more information on this see HMRC's School and College Funding and Finance page here.

Each school or college will have its own funds which are raised by parents, teachers and pupils and which covers school trips, meals, facilities, sponsored events, and so on. Tali has everything that you need to handle the management of these independently raised school funds.

What must you do?

Set up Tali  for the year ahead

  1. Set up school accounts for trips (includes setting opening balances).

  2. Set up student and school supplier names

  3. Set up any integrations between Tali Office and third party organisations such as ParentPay or sQuid. You may choose to use the Tali MISapp add-on as part of this process.

  4. Set up ledger codes.

Note: Much of the setup above will be done during your onboarding training session.

Regular operations throughout the year

If you use the Tali Catering add-on, you can:

  • Record Taken Items

  • Manage Free School Meals

  • Run a number of reports on Taken Items, Accounts, Names, etc

For more information, see the Tali Catering add-on.

What else can you do?


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