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Tali - Cancel/Amend a Bank Transaction
Tali - Cancel/Amend a Bank Transaction

Cancel or amend a bank transaction in Tali

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Use this screen to cancel or amend bank transactions that have not been reconciled.

NB. If you are using this function to cancel a wrongly transferred bank transfer which you have just processed, this is the correct way to do this.

If however, you are using this function to correct a more historical transfer please ensure that you have not already reconciled the other half of the transaction to avoid being out of balance. You can check to see if this is the case by using the Transfer Ref number ie. in Bank and Cash>Bank History - Ref T143495 as below, you can see that one half of the transaction, the income, has been reconciled (denoted by a * which you can click into) and the other half should therefore not be cancelled.

Cancel a transaction

  1. Select the transaction you want to cancel and click Cancel.
    The selected transaction is displayed so you can check you have the one you want to cancel.

  2. Confirm this is the transaction you want to cancel, by clicking Cancel Transaction.

Amend a paying-in slip

  1. Click the hyperlinked paying-in slip Reference Number.

  2. Make the necessary amendments.

  3. Re-enter the paying-in Slip Number that was the original paying-in slip number for this paying-in slip as Tali will automatically choose the next one.

  4. Click Amend Paying in Slip.

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