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Tali sQuid - Map sQuid Contacts

Map sQuid Contacts to Tali Names

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Contact names usually map automatically in Tali from MISapp. Sometimes names are not automatically mapped. This is usually because they aren’t held in the MIS system with a permanent Unique Pupil Number (UPN). 

Use this option to match any unmapped contact names in sQuid with names in Tali.

  1. Select sQuid > Map Contacts.
    A list of contacts is displayed.

  2. Use the Filter to enter a character or characters in the name you want to find and the list of displayed names adjusts accordingly to show a shorter list to choose the name from.
    Note: The filter works by displaying all names which contain the character or characters you have entered.

  3. Select an Imported Name in the list of names displayed on the left. Then select the Name to match it to, from the Choose Name drop-down list on the right.

  4. Click Import Contacts.

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