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Create bank accounts in Tali

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Use this screen to create bank accounts. 

  1. Select Administration > Manage Bank Accounts.
    Note: The current account with code CURR and name Current Account is created for you by default. This is the most frequently used account in most schools. You can change the account name of this account but you should leave the code as CURR to ensure that it stays at the top of the alphabetical list of bank accounts.

  2. Click  Create Bank Account.

  3. Enter the Code.

  4. Enter the Opening Balance.

  5. Enter the Name.

  6. Select In Use.

  7. If this is a Settlement Account, for example, an account that is used to hold electronic transactions, such as ParentPay or sQuid income,  select Settlement Account.

  8. If this is the bank account you will use most frequently, select Default Account.

  9. Click Save.

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