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Tali ParentPay - Map Settlement Accounts
Tali ParentPay - Map Settlement Accounts

View bank account mappings in Tali

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A settlement account is set up for you by default in Tali Donations or during training in Tali Office and Tali Catering. This account is where donations imported into Tali are held. 

Important! If you add a further account in ParentPay and you want to see these transactions in Tali you will need to ask Pebble to map this bank account for you. As a user you cannot alter this screen.

Use the Map Settlement Accounts screen to view your bank account mappings to ensure that transactions import into the correct names and accounts in Tali.

Note: You won’t see any transactions until the first transaction is processed in ParentPay. There may be some accounts that you don’t need to map because the money may be going to a different bank account and so these transactions in ParentPay don’t need to be imported into Tali at all.

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