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How do I remove duplicated transactions?
How do I remove duplicated transactions?

Remove duplicated transactions

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If you have recorded a transaction and it has been entered twice, you can remove the duplicate transaction, ensuring it has been correctly entered.

The most common cause of duplicated transactions is selecting the Save button twice, without realising it.

The process is:

  • Identify your transaction(s).

  • Go to Transactions > Cancel Income or Expenditure Transaction.

  • Locate your transaction.

  • Ensure there is a tick in the left hand side field to select it.

  • Select Cancel and enter a reason of cancellation.

  • Your transaction(s) will be removed from the list.


  1. You can select more than one transaction at a time for group cancellations.

  2. It is important to know what browser you are using as some versions of Internet Explorer (v9) can be a common cause of duplicated transactions, too. You can simply upgrade to v10 or v11.


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