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How do I cancel transactions?
How do I cancel transactions?

Cancel transactions

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You can’t amend transactions using Transactions > Amend Income or Expenditure Transaction or cancel transactions using Transactions > Cancel Income or Expenditure Transaction if the transactions have been:

  • Included in a VAT 100 Report

  • Included in a reconciled or part-reconciled statement

  • Left unreconciled from a previous closed period

If you need to cancel a transaction that falls in one of these categories, you can do this by entering a contra-entry transaction which has the effect of cancelling the original transaction. You can then net these transactions off your next reconciliation.

Note: If you are cancelling, do not cancel the original cheque receipt or alter the original paying-in slip.

  1. Select Transactions > Cancel Income or Expenditure Transaction.

  2. Select the relevant transaction.

  3. Click Continue.

  4. Type in a Reason for Cancellation.

  5. Click Cancel Transaction(s).

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