Use this screen to see item statements for individual pupils.

Find Pupils

  • Enter the Name you want to find (if you know it) in the Filter box.

  • Use the Filter to shorten the list of names that is displayed, by entering a character or characters you think are in the name.

  • If you aren’t sure if the name is out of use, you can show or hide out of use names in the following way:
    To show out of use names, click Show out of use. Out of use names are shown greyed out in the List of Names.
    To hide out of use names, click Hide out of use. Only in use names are shown in the List of Names.

  • Use the paging controls  to check for the name you want on another page.

See the Items Taken Statement for a pupil

  1. Select the Account.

  2. Select the Date From and Date To dates.

  3. Click Search.

  • Click Print.

View what has been taken in different ways

  • To see what items have been taken, use Catering > Taken Items.

  • To see individual pupil balances, use Catering > Name Summary.

  • To see the total number of free meals and universal free school meals, use Catering > Universal Free School Meals.

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