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Importing Shop Transactions from ParentPay
Importing Shop Transactions from ParentPay

Using Chrome to either enter totals or import all your shop transactions

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Use this article to learn how to import online shop transactions from ParentPay into Tali when the transactions have not imported as there is no pupil name (guest transaction) or to total the gross amount and enter directly into Tali for easy reconciliation.

You will need to either create an import file in ParentPay and upload this to Tali or a simpler method (method 1) is to use the total gross sales from ParentPay for example, a week.

Below we show you the two different methods.

Method 1 - Record Gross Income total for a week or given period

Pros - easy to balance your ParentPay shop payments with your reconciliations in Tali

Cons - you cannot see individual payments in Tali but you can view these in ParentPay

Within ParentPay go to Payment Items>Reports>Payment Item Report

>select Shop Payment Report

>select dates to import, always to the day before (we suggest weekly, Wednesday to Tuesday to tie in with your shop 'Net' settled amount, credited to your bank statement

The figure this report produces is the 'Gross' settled amount for shop items.

Once you have this figure and you agree with it from your bank statement, less transactions fees (from the ParentPay invoice) please process in Tali as follows for example;

Your ParentPay Settlement Bank account will then have been credited to reflect the Gross income from the shop payments and you can then process the transaction fees invoice against the Settlement Bank account and 'Transfer' the 'Net' Settled amount to your bank account in the normal way via Bank and Cash>Transfer between bank accounts.

Method 2 - Import a file will all the transactions for a given period

Pros - you see all the transactions in Tali, individually

Cons - they are guest payers so they will not be associated with your pupil's names in any way

Within ParentPay go to Payment Items>Reports>Shop Payment Item Report

>choose service or all (shop item/s)

>select dates to import, always to the day before

>open in excel

NB - in order not to import duplicate transactions always select at least the day before the current date as the “To date”

You will need a Pupil Name within Tali to match these guest transactions to, ie

Shop, Shop (Forename/Surname) for example and an Account to import these transactions into.

Adjust the ParentPay excel spreadsheet to have the following headings only, then adjust the titles please, making sure you have only unique column titles:

  • Description - your items need a generic description, ie. 'Shop import from ParentPay'

  • Forename - ie Shop (flood fill)

  • Surname - ie Shop (flood fill) - to match your pupil name in Tali

  • Type - modify a column to say - ePayment

  • Amount – modify the total amount paid column heater to just Amount, please make sure the column you choose for this is the total amount paid, inc VAT etc and multiple items for example

  • Date – modify Date paid to Date (just the date, no time - right-click the column to format to just the date)

  • Add an Account Code Column - call this column Cost Centre and populate it with the account code from Tali

NB - Please delete all the other columns - they are not necessary, this is how your import file should now look;

> save the file to your chosen folder making sure to choose the file type CSV, comma-delimited

Within Tali go to Transactions> Import ePayments

>Choose file

>Upload file

If you have created a csv as above you should only have to Import the transactions, they should map automatically to the Account code and the Name in Tali, import page by page at the bottom - however you may Filter the Transactions if you wish;

>Filter>Choose All Transactions>All Transactions as they should all be ePayments

>Choose>Description, 'Shop Import from ParentPay' for example

>Click Filter

>Choose Tali Account Code, alter to the correct

>Settlement bank account should show automatically

>Look through payments making sure matching name/account with name/account or Shop, Shop for example and then Import and Confirm - One Page at a time, wait for confirmation at the top of Tali in the bar before Importing again>Confirm each time on the pop-up

NB – You will not be allowed to import any transactions that you have not matched or if you have not chosen a Settlement Account to place these in

These transactions are then imported and can be viewed and processed in the normal way within Tali

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