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Tali - ParentPay Online Adjustments

Do I need to cancel my ParentPay Adjustments in Tali?

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Sometimes you make adjustments in ParentPay that then pull through into Tali and these are usually not real amounts of money and may need cancelling from your Tali software, if not cancelled they will affect your unsettled epayment totals.

What are Adjustments?

You might make an adjustment in ParentPay to show a parent that you have contributed to a trip, moved a payment from one trip to another or moved a balance between siblings and as such these are not actual transactions and when these are imported into Tali you will need to search for them and cancel them, especially before you do your year-end in your Pebble software.

Please go to Transactions>Cancel Income or Expenditure transaction

Filter for>Adjustment (all the ParentPay adjustments should display - ones in capitals only ADJUSTMENT to be cancelled)

Check these transactions and then>Tick the boxes for each item or flood fill from the top to check them all


Enter>A Reason - Adjustments in ParentPay not required in Pebble

>Cancel transactions

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