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Can you explain your 30-Day Money Back Guarantee?
Can you explain your 30-Day Money Back Guarantee?

30-day money back guarantee/refund policy

Updated over a week ago

If you're not satisfied with Penji's services within 30-days of signing up, you're eligible for a full refund.

There are no "catches" or "strings" that would prevent you from canceling or getting your money back within 30 days.

However, do note that a Support Representative will do whatever they can to help you improve your account to trend in a more positive direction. Typically, when a customer cancels their service within the first 30 days, it is because of a poor experience with a designer. No worries, this happens often.

Switching your designer or team can go a long way. At Penji, we have hundreds of designers, and it's expected that we don't pair you with the right designer at first. With more time comes more opportunities to pair you with the right team! Note that all annual and quarterly plans are not subject to a refund.

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