One of our most asked questions and although we wish we could give you a definitive answer to this question, we simply can only state that it just depends.

DISCLAIMER: These amounts are always subject to change, however, we will go into specifics of how you can get the most out of your membership with us here at Penji.

From the minute you sign up for Penji, a Penji designer is assigned to your project immediately. From that moment we are then timed to complete that project for you in under 48 hours.

Most projects do not take this long, however, it is possible that it can if the project is large in size.

Here are a few ways to ensure your project is delivered well under 48 hours.
- Your project description is easy to understand
- You submit one total idea as your project description
If you'd like multiple variations within your project it's fine. Make sure you submit that request.
If you'd like multiple styles or dimensions of this project, that's also fine, however, this may increase the time it takes for you to receive your project.

Please do not stack multiple ideas into one project.
For example, say you need a brand new website designed for you. Don't ask the designers to submit a new logo, social media, content, and an app inside of 1 project. Separate these into multiple projects so our designers can work efficiently.

If a project were to exceed 48 hours it's most likely due to the following categories:
- Web / App design
- Larger print projects that have over 10+ pages
- PowerPoint presentations
- Custom illustrations
- Just to name a few...

Projects that take the least amount of time were those with the best descriptions. Make sure you are clear and it's easy for us to understand.

Our goal is to complete each project under our 48 hours maximum turnaround time. If you do the math that's around 15 projects or so per month.

Now again, this is the average and not always the norm. Some customers are able to see much larger numbers and others may experience a lower number. Going back to the original thought that it just depends, the same rules apply. The amount of projects you can obtain in a month, simply just depends.

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