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What platforms/software does Penji work within?
How does Penji handles variations?
What are your working hours?
How many hours a day will Penji work on my account?
Where are your designers located?
Do you work weekends?
How does Penji work with third party apps/services?
How many projects can I get in a month?
How quick is your turnaround time?
When will I receive a completed project?
How does Penji handle revisions?
Can I create project in a different language, other than English?
Can we see a designer's portfolio?
What is Penji?
What is unlimited graphic design?
How does Penji work?
What types of projects does Penji not do?
What types of projects does Penji do?
How do custom illustrations work?
Do you create svg's?
Do you work in Sketch?
Do you work in Canva?
Can you create GIF's?
Can I schedule a demo call with a live person?
Does your company offer a Canva integration?
How can I expedite/rush my project completion?
What is the maximum number of updates I can expect in one day?
Where is Penji based?
What is Penji used for?
How does printing files work within Penji
How much does Penji cost?
How does video work within Penji?
How does animations work within Penji?
Is Penji legit?
What is bleed and how can Penji work with approved margins?
Can all of my projects be worked on at the same time?
Penji's Work Schedule Explained
How much work can I expect a day?
How many revisions can I request at a time?
How can I request a revision?
What type of files can I request within Penji?
How does Penji work with Print on Demand?
How does Penji use stock photography?