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How will my Startup benefit from Penji?
How will my Startup benefit from Penji?

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Every startup needs a graphic design team.
Running a startup is difficult. You have a lot of moving parts and those in charge need to focus on growing your startup. Penji can take care of that. Startups primarily use Penji for UX/UI, overall brand creation, or small projects needed to be taken off of the startup's personnel plate.
With our 48 hour maximum turnaround times, you can expect a delivery time that's suited for your project. Although we would love all of our customers to stay forever, the fact is, it doesn't make the most sense. If you're a startup, we would recommend at minimum 3 months to work with Penji.

The purpose for this is if you are in fact using Penji to help you with your UX/UI project, there are always going to be revisions that will be needed. The more time allocation you give your team at Penji to work, the better the overall results will be.

To learn more about how your startup can benefit from Penji, click here:

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