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How will my Agency benefit from Penji?
How will my Agency benefit from Penji?

An agency’s secret weapon

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If you're an agency there is a strong chance you're experiencing a design bottleneck. You may need additional resources and Penji is a great solution to help. At times we can take the place of the entire department, but we work best with an existing team.

Submit all of those pesky projects that you don't want your core team to do OR allow your senior design team to breathe a bit better. We can also take the grunt work off of that team to ensure more efficiency within your own design process. A few features that you can benefit from are our "Point and Click tool" and also our "On hold" features.

The point-and-click tool will allow you to better communicate the revision that you're looking to obtain. The On Hold feature will allow you to move projects out of your queue, so we can only work on the projects that are most important to your business. Once your client gets back to you, then just move the project back to your active queue for us to complete.

To learn more about how Penji can benefit your agency, click here:

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