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How does Penji compare to Design Pickle?
How does Penji compare to Design Pickle?

Penji vs Design Pickle: Which On-Demand Graphic Design Service is Better?

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Design Pickle and Penji are two of the leaders within the Unlimited Graphic Design industry.

There's a strong chance that you've stumbled across this article because you've heard of at least one of these companies.

There are a lot of similarities between the two, however, the main difference comes down to what you find valuable in a service.

Here are some of the main differenced between the two services:

Here is a brief overview of how Penji compares to DesignPickle:

Market Awareness:

  • Penji - 66,915 monthly website visitors

  • Design Pickle - 14,865 monthly website visitors


  • Penji: $499 a month (All inclusive)

  • Design Pickle: $499 a month (In addition to other packages that you may need)


Penji vs Design Pickle

Design Submission Process:

  • Penji:

  • Design Pickle:

Competitive Edge:

  • Design Pickle: If you value integration into your current workflow, Design Pickle is a better alternative.

  • Penji: If you value a more seamless experience and the ability to work with specialized graphic designs, we believe Penji is your best bet. The fact that you can achieve so much with 1 membership is important and it's cost effective.

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