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How does Penji compare to ManyPixels?
How does Penji compare to ManyPixels?

Penji vs Many Pixels: Which On-Demand Graphic Design Service is Better?

Updated over a week ago

ManyPixels, a Singapore based company, considers themselves as your virtual design team.

When it comes down to the main comparison between these two companies, it comes down to not only working with the right team, but being the right customer for either company.

Penji prides themselves as being a versatile company for any job.

Here is a brief overview of how Penji compares to ManyPixels:


  • Penji $499/month

  • ManyPixels - $549/month


Competitive Edge:

  • It all comes down to communication. If you value communicating and a seamless experience, we suggest going with Penji. The ability that Penji's dashboard has to offer allows for clarity that other services simply aren't able to accomplish.

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