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How does Penji compare to Flocksy?
How does Penji compare to Flocksy?

Penji vs Flocksy: Which On-Demand Graphic Design Service is Better?

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Although these two services were created at almost the exact same time (2017 ish), both services have their own unique set of differences, values, and specializations.

Here are some topical differences:

Market Awareness:

  • Penji - 66,915 monthly website visitors

  • Flocksy - 382


  • Penji $499/month

  • Flocksy - $420/month


Competitive Edge:

  • Flocksy: "Trying to be a full service agency. Jack of all trades, master is unknown."

  • Penji: Communication between the client and the designer AND focused specialization with graphic design

Penji's dashboard at a glance

Flocksy's dashboard at a glance

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