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How does Penji work with third party apps/services?
How does Penji work with third party apps/services?

Penji's stance on third party apps.

Updated over a week ago

We do not work within third party applications or services.

The reason for this is because it places you and our design team responsible for any actions that may or may not have been taken.

At Penji, we want to ensure that your projects are handled with the utmost respect and care. Therefore for security reasons, we limit our team to work within applications and services that can either share information or directly send the deliverables within Penji's Dashboard.

As a role of thumb, Penji primarily works with Google and Adobe related services.

There are services that we can create templates for, however, the project will have to be finished within Penji and then transferred manually over to your preferred service by you the customer.

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