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How does printing work within Penji?
How does printing work within Penji?

Printing projects

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Penji primarily focuses on providing graphic design services, but it does not directly handle the printing of designs. Here's how the process typically works within Penji:

  1. Project submission:

    • Customers submit their design requests through the platform, specifying the type of design they need, including any details about printing requirements (e.g., size, format, color preferences)

  2. Design creation:

    • Our designers create the design you asked for based on your specifications. This includes ensuring the design is print-ready, adhering to the necessary resolution, color mode (usually CMYK for print), and bleed specifications.

  3. Review and Revisions:

    • You can review the initial drafts and send revisions to ensure the design meets your expectations and is suitable for printing.

  4. Final deliverables:

    • Once the design is approved, the design team will deliver the final source files. These files are typically provided in high-resolution formats suitable for printing, such as PDF, AI (Adobe Illustrator), PSD (Adobe Photoshop), and high-resolution JPEG or PNG files.

  5. Printing is handled by you:

    • You can take the final design files and coordinate with a printing service of your choice. You provide the printer with the print-ready files and any specific instructions or requirements.

  6. Support for print preparation:

    • While Penji does not print designs, we can guide you in preparing files for print. This may include setting up bleeds, and crop marks, and ensuring the correct color profile (CMYK) is used for accurate color reproduction in printing.

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