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How to create the perfect social media project?
How to create the perfect social media project?

Social media projects

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Creating the ideal social media project is possible! While our data shows this brief performs strongly, remember it's a guide. Here are some things to consider when creating a social media project.

On your Penji dashboard:

  • Click the button labeled "+ Create project" on the upper right side of your dashboard

  • On the search bar, type in "Social Media" - You can choose from "Social media banners" to "Social media posts"

  • For the Project title, we recommend naming the project with the business name first, followed by the category of your project. For example Penji | Social Media banner project

  • Select your "Brand" folder that will be used on the project. Since all assets are included in your selected brand, it will help our designers with the important details that will apply to the project

​Within the project brief:

  • Determine what you want to achieve with your social media design project. Are you aiming to increase brand awareness, drive traffic to your website, generate leads, or boost engagement?

  • Know who your target audience is and what appeals to them. Consider their demographics, interests, and preferences to tailor your designs accordingly

  • Provide a detailed design brief, outlining your project requirements, objectives, target audience, brand guidelines, preferred color scheme, imagery, and any specific ideas or concepts you have in mind. Also, you can add as many inspirations or samples so the design team can easily execute your vision

What type of deliverables?

  • Select the deliverables that you want to receive. For example "AI" or you can select "ANY" and let the designer decide

Select your "Style preference"

  • You can also select your "Style preference". Pick up to 5 images that fit your style. After selecting images, click "Next"

Once you completed the steps above, click on "Create project" to submit and that's it! This will be automatically assigned to our talented designers to bring your vision to life.

Provide feedback along the way to ensure we're on the right track. You can also mention in the project brief if you have a preferred designer that you like to work on the project and we will assign them as long as they are available.
Once everything looks perfect, download your Social Media Project and start using it wherever you need. It's that simple!

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