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How will our small business benefit from Penji?
How will our small business benefit from Penji?
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Small business owners wear many hats, and a graphic designer doesn't have to be one.

With Penji, you have access to the top 2% of graphic designers worldwide. All of whom specialize in different areas of design that range from logos, web/app design, social media, flyers, and so much more. You can review all of our capabilities here:

Typically, Small Business Owners submit projects related to marketing and sales.

These projects are considered relatively simple and can be done within our regular timeline of 48 hours. Penji also offers more complex tasks that small businesses can benefit from, like web design, branding, and illustrations. Do note that these projects can, at times, take more time and require more involvement from you, the business owner.

Penji also offers small business owners competitive pricing through our subscription pricing. It can cost a small business owner between $65 - $150 an hour to work with an experienced designer on a single project. Not to mention the time it will take to interview, onboard, and train the particular designer and integrate that person into your business.

Using Penji saves you money in multiple ways because we have not only pre-vetted the designers for you, but our technology allows you to be more efficient in the submission and revision processes.

As a customer, all you have to do is submit your project, and we will handle the rest for you. At max, we see that small business owners spend around 15 minutes a day inside of Penji.

To get started, check out our pricing page here:

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