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How will our Marketing Department benefit from Penji?
How will our Marketing Department benefit from Penji?
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You work for a marketing team and I am sure that you have a ton of hats you have to wear. You may have been hired to help your team with marketing but now you're stuck creating the graphic designs yourself. Let Penji become your next resource for graphic design. You have the creative mind, put Penji to work. When you have a creative vision of what you'd like to be created, you're more inclined to be a part of the project creation process. Simply submit a project to Penji with as much of a description as you can. Don't forget to provide examples and in under 48 hours later, you'll receive a completed project for you to review. Once you have the completed project, you may have to submit the project for review. If this is the case, mark the project to be placed "On hold." This way we can work on your other projects in the meantime. then once you receive the proper feedback, we can easily get back to work on the existing project we started. To learn more about how Penji can benefit your marketing team, click this link:

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