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What is bleed and how can Penji work with approved margins?
What is bleed and how can Penji work with approved margins?
Updated over a week ago

Bleed is a necessity for any print-related projects.

Bleed is how your artwork can run to the edge of a printer page. Most projects require a minimum of β…› of an inch bleed space. When creating a project for print, it will be created β…› larger typically or depending on the required bleed space for the document.

Unfortunately, if you do not add bleed when printing, your artwork will run off the page, maybe cut off post-printing or a misaligned print. Appropriate bleed space will 100% guarantee that the image or artwork truly fits the edge of the printed paper.

For the most part, Penji designers will not add bleed inside of a project unless you, the customer, further mentioned simply because a designer's thinking is that the project you're using it for digital purposes and not so much print.

To fix this, add the bleed dimensions needed within your project description. However, note that not all printers are created equally. We recommend reaching out to your printer or using a website-based printing service; you can either copy the link over to us or copy and paste the exact dimensions your service recommends.

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