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How can I change the design of my funnel?
How can I change the design of my funnel?

In this tutorial, you will learn how to change the color scheme and font of your entire funnel. We call it "theming".

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How do I change and create a design?

  1. First, open the editor and click on the "design" tab on the left side.

  2. You have two options: Either select a pre-designed theme from the list or click on "new theme".

  3. In the next step, select your desired font.

  4. Now, choose the respective colors for text, interactions, background and your buttons.

  5. Click on "save new theme" and give your theme a name.

  6. Your newly created theme will appear in the list and is ready to be used.

Our suggestion : In case your changes won’t be displayed in your live funnel even after you have published, make sure to clear your cache.

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