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Tree structure - How can I redirect to another funnel / external URL from my own funnel?
Tree structure - How can I redirect to another funnel / external URL from my own funnel?

This is how you can connect a response field to another funnel and create a tree structure.

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  1. First, open the funnel editor in your Perspective account.

  2. Click the "+" icon on the page you like to edit to add a new block.

  3. Then, select "Quiz", or "Button" from the edit bar on the left.

  4. Click on the respective field/button from which you want to redirect to another funnel.

  5. Next, select "external URL" from the edit bar on the left side as you navigate to "link".

  6. Lastly, paste the link of your second funnel here.

✨ Note:

You have to publish your second funnel beforehand. Make sure that the second funnel has the cookie notifications turned off, so that the visitor does not notice that it is a new one.

Some things to keep in mind when linking funnels

  • Statistics:

When you direct visitors to a second funnel, the first funnel does not continue to collect your lead’s data. Instead, the second funnel takes over from that point and continues to collect data.

As a result, your funnel statistics may be disrupted and the conversion rate may not be accurate.

  • Lead data:

Remember to include a contact form in your second funnel. This way, you can easily collect contact data from your leads.

Alternatively, you can also direct your visitors back to the contact form in your first funnel. However, we generally recommend not to build your funnels in a way that is too complex. Please use as few links as possible.

Find more information on the following topics in our Helpcenter:

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