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How can I create a double opt-in?
How can I create a double opt-in?

Make sure you are officially allowed to contact your leads.

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What is a double opt-in (DOI)?

A double opt-in process adds another step to the process of data security. Before potential leads subscribe to your mailing list, they are asked to actively confirm that they want to receive your emails.

This ensures that the recipient agrees to be contacted ahead of time. In addition, the confirmation shows higher interest and further qualifies the lead for the product or service you offer.

What do I need to set up a double opt-in?

  1. First of all: You need a Perspective account. If you don't already have one, start your 14-day trial here.

  2. An email autoresponder of your choice.

How do I create a double opt-in?

  1. Open the funnel editor in your Perspective account.

  2. Click on a line in your contact form and create another input field by clicking on the blue "+" icon.

  3. Add an additional checkbox in this form field to request consent for privacy or other marketing communication.

  4. Forward your collected lead data to your autoresponder using ZAPIER. You can find a thorough tutorial on how to do this HERE.

  5. In your autoresponder, you can now set up an email that will be sent to new leads. In this email your contacts have to confirm their email address by clicking on a separate link. (more detailed instructions can usually be found in the tool itself).

  6. The link in the email should lead the person to a separate confirmation page. Of course you can use a perspective funnel to set up your double opt-in as well as the confirmation page. Here, you can make your leads a small offer.

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