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How can I enable appointment bookings in my funnel using Calendly?
How can I enable appointment bookings in my funnel using Calendly?

What is Calendly and how do I integrate it with my funnel?

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What is Calendly?

Calendly is a popular, free scheduling tool for easy and fast appointment bookings online.

Using this tool, you can share your availability via your calendar. As soon as someone receives the link to your Calendly, he or she can pick a time and the event is automatically added to your calendar. This process ensures that no appointments overlap and both parties can easily book an appointment.

Calendly also offers you a possibility to link your preferred calendar, e.g. Google Calendar, or Outlook. This way, every appointment booking can be synchronized easily and you will always receive a notification when someone books an appointment with you.

You can find more information about Calendly on the website

How do I create a Calendly event?

In the example below, we show you how to create a new event for a free strategy consulting call on Calendly.

  1. Create a free Calendly account, or log into your existing account.

  2. In the next step, create a new event type and select "one-on-one".

  3. Give your event a name. In our example, we'll call it "Free Strategy Consultation".

  4. Next, choose a location for your appointment. We want to offer a phone call, so we'll choose “call” instead of a physical location.

  5. Add a short description so your potential client knows what your event is all about.

  6. Optionally, you can customize the color and link before you click "Next".

  7. Now choose the duration of your appointment. In our case we’ll make it a 30 minutes call.

  8. You can manage your availability directly in the calendar. In our example, we offer appointments Monday to Friday from 8 to 12 am.

Click on Save & Close to finish creating your event.

How can I use Calendly in my Perspective Funnel?

Once you have integrated your Calendly event into your funnel (see above), funnel visitors can book appointments with you with just a few clicks.

In the video below, we show you how to integrate Calendly into your funnel:

  1. Sign in to your Perspective account and open your funnel editor.

  2. Click on the contact block to access all your editing options.

  3. Now add the link to your Calendly event in the respective "Calendly link" field. If the link is correct, a green checkmark will appear and you can use the preview button to see how the Calendly popup will look in your funnel.

  4. You can add more form fields to your funnel. Alternatively, you can redirect your visitors after they have booked their appointment, for example using a button.

  5. Publish your funnel and run a test to ensure that everything is set up correctly. Once you are done, it’s time to celebrate. Congratulations on creating your first Calendly event!

✨ Note:

  • The data collected from "email address" & "name" fields will be transferred to Calendly and pre-filled for the visitor when booking an appointment.

  • To automatically transfer mobile numbers to Calendly, you need to set up this process in Calendly upfront. If you set "call" as the event location, reentering the number in the next step becomes mandatory.

  • If you look into your Perspective account, you can see whether or not someone booked an appointment using Calendly. To do this, simply take a look at the contact entry and the email notification.

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