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How can I send lead notifications to multiple recipients?
How can I send lead notifications to multiple recipients?

Learn how to forward leads to selected e-mail addresses (partners/customers/...) via our direct integration

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Owning a Perspective account, you’ll receive an automatic notification about every new lead from all active funnels. Please note, that you can easily turn your notifications on and off at any point in time.

If you want to forward leads to selected e-mail addresses (partners/customers/...) you can do this with our direct "Lead Notifications" integration.

Note 💡 This feature is available from our Advanced Plan onwards.

Are the notifications whitelabeled?

Yes. The lead notification is sent from an independent domain ( and does not contain any information about Perspective. By default, the system uses the favicon of your funnel as the logo in your notification. This way, your recipients won’t know which system you are using. And you can use this feature completely white-labeled.

How do I add more recipients who receive notifications?

  1. First, create a new funnel, or open an existing funnel

  2. Visit the funnel page where you’ll find your funnel's form (must include an email address or phone number)

  3. Click on the email or phone number field to edit it.

  4. Navigate to the edit bar on the left where you’ll find the option to "Lead Notifications"

  5. You’ll see an overview of all lead recipients in a new window. Here, you can enter the email address of up to 5 recipients for each funnel.

  6. As soon as you make an entry, the recipient will get an email including the activation link.

  7. Once confirmed, her status will change from "Pending" to "Active" in your recipient overview. Right after, the added recipient will be notified about each new lead.

How come I do not receive a notification, even though the email address I entered shows as active?

Please check the spam folder of your email inbox. Oftentimes, notification emails are classified as spam. The reason for this is the sender’s amount of daily emails being sent.

How can I edit the content of the lead notification?

You can customize the subject and the message by clicking on the "Notifications" tab at the top right:

If you want to customize your notification even more: Zapier allows you to create completely customized lead notifications. You can find instructions on how to do this here.

Does each registered recipient have to enable notifications for every single funnel?

Luckily, that’s not the case. Your recipient needs to confirm that he or she wants to receive future notifications just once. As soon as this is confirmed, you can add the recipient to all future funnels and her account shows as active.

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