How can I improve my ads?

Are you curious about how Facebook rates the performance of your ad and how you can improve it?

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How can I judge the performance of my ad?

Whether or not your ad is performing well depends on the CTR (click-through rate). This important performance indicator represents the relationship between ad impressions and the actual click on your ad.

As a rule of thumb, the values of your ad should:

  • In the B2C area: not be below 2.5 %.

  • In the B2B area: not be below 1 %.

If the values are currently below these benchmark indicators, try to optimize your ad further. Find tips on how to create a good ad here:

What are the most important elements to optimize in my ad?


Can the image catch the eye of your Facebook user?

Does your image raise a mental question mark and people want to know more?


Does your text generate enough curiosity that your customer wants to learn more?

Target Audience:

Did I keep the target audience narrow enough in the ad? Or does the group need to be smaller but more affine?

My ad values are generally good but I'm only collecting a few leads...

Our recommendation is to switch perspective and put yourself in the shoes of your customer. Be critical in your assessment.

  • Is the offer really the best one on the market?

  • Does a competitor offer a similar product or service?

  • Does the visitor understand the actual value of my offer based on my ad and my funnel?

  • Is my value proposition clear and convincing?
    You can find tips on how to write a compelling value proposition HERE.

  • If you can't find anything, please feel free to join our Facebook community and ask us for feedback. Simply share a screenshot or the link to your ad.

Lastly, let’s look at the process of targeting:

  • Have I selected the right target group for my offer ?

  • Can I limit the target group even more to reach more Facebook users who actually show interest in my products?

  • Can I add more interests that fit my ad?

  • Wondering how to find your target audience on Facebook & Co?

Find more information on the following topics in our Helpcenter:

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