How do I insert a multiple choice block?

How do I create questions with multiple choice answers?

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What is a multiple choice block?

Multiple choice questions are a popular type of question in surveys. They allow your visitors to select one or more options from a list of answers you create upfront. At the same time, they also help you collect data that's easy to analyze.

Where can I find the multiple choice block?

1. Create a new funnel or open your existing funnel.

2. In the left sidebar of the editor, click on the relevant page where you want to insert the block.

3. Click on a block on your funnel page, ideally the one right above where you want your multiple choice block to be placed.

4. A small sidebar appears to the right of the block you just selected, with a small blue plus sign ( + ) at the bottom.

5. Click on the plus sign so that a sidebar that contains an overview of all available blocks appears on the left side of the editor.

6. In the left sidebar, you will see the multi-choice block in the second section called "Interactions". Click on this block to add it to your funnel page.

7. Then, confirm your selection by clicking the green check mark on the right side of the block or the grey space around your funnel page.

8. Well done! You just successfully added your multiple choice block. Now, you can customize the question and answers of your funnel strategy.

9. As soon as you publish or update your funnel, your changes should become visible on the public version.

Insights from multiple choice answers

There are two ways to check out answers from multiple choice blocks: per contact, and in the "Insights" area.

The high-level analysis helps you get insights into the most popular answers.

In the contact area, you can view the answers of each individual contact. This comes in handy if you plan to follow up with your contacts individually. You will also receive your leads' answers via the lead notification email and can forward their answers to other sources via direct integration or Zapier as the lead event.

Notes 💡

  • Multiple choice blocks require at least one answer to function properly.

  • The button remains inactive as long as your visitor doesn't choose an answer.

  • Because there is no result mapping for this block, you cannot add conditional logic based on specific answers to send your leads to unique results pages (for example: if they choose X and Y, send them to Z result page).

  • The color of the multiple choice checkmark and selection is determined by your button color that you can define in your funnel theme design.

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