How can I integrate WhatsApp into my funnel?

Do you want your leads to contact you on WhatsApp? Here, we'll show you how to integrate WhatsApp into your funnel.

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How to easily integrate your WhatsApp chat into your funnels. Follow the steps outlined below:

1. Add a button to the results page of your funnel.

You can easily add a button by using the plus symbol and selecting the button from the "Elements" category.

Once you have done that, simply click on the button and edit the content and design, such as colors, shape, and alignment.

2. Create a link to your WhatsApp account.

You can easily create the unique link to connect your WhatsApp account with your funnels using this format:<your number>

It's important to note that you need to provide your complete mobile number, including the country code, but without any zeros. The format should look like this:

If you're using the WhatsApp Business App, you can alternatively create a short link within your WhatsApp profile. Please find instructions on how to do that HERE.

3. Insert the link in your funnel.

Click on the button you created in your funnel and add the WhatsApp link.

You’re all done! When your visitors click on the button now, they will be redirected to WhatsApp chat with you automatically.

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