How can I insert emojis into my funnel? 😃

Find out how to easily add emojis when editing your funnel.

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You have several options to add emojis to your funnel, for example, to a text field. Learn more about those below:

Option 1: Key Combination

To access a broad selection of emojis, try using the following key combination:

For Mac users: Press Control + Command + Spacebar

Alternative: Go through the menu bar in your browser: Edit > Emoji & Symbols.

For Windows users: Click [Windows] + [.]

Option 2: Copy & Paste

If the above method is not sufficient for what you need and you're missing a specific emoji, you can copy the respective emoji from the following website:

Side note: You can also adjust the emoji’s different skin tones.

Find additional information on the following topics in our Help Center:

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