How do I use icons?

How you can visually support your text and improve your user experience with the icons/pictograms from Icons8.

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About Icons8

Thanks to the partnership between Icons8 and Perspective, we have significantly expanded our selection of symbols. Icons8 is an international provider of high-quality digital content such as icons, illustrations, photos, and more.

With over 10 different styles and 100,000+ symbols for every topic, you get access to a unique online library. Using it will make your funnel designs stand out and you get to use your own creative freedom to make them unique.

A highly creative team of designers works daily on new, theme-specific graphics, allowing you to invest your time into creating your funnel beautifully - even without significant experience in graphic design.

Using icons commercially

As a Perspective customer, you can use their icons as often and as long as you like in your funnels. Due to an Enterprise Agreement between Icons8 and Perspective, all Perspective customers automatically subscribe to a paid license, giving you unrestricted usage rights within your funnels. If you need more detailed information about exact licensing, please feel free to contact our support team at any time.

Using Icons

  1. Icons can be used in the "Quiz" block or individually using the "Graphic" block.

  2. For example, in the Quiz block, click on the top part of the quiz field where you might be able to see an image.

3. Then, select the smiley/icon symbol on the top left.

4. On the left side, you will now be able to see a search field where you can enter German as well as English terms to find your icon.

5. Click into the search field and enter, for example, "Cake" or "Kuchen," and you will see all the icons.

6. If you click on "All Styles," you have the option to choose from many different styles like "Cute Color," "Pastel," "iOS Glyph," etc.

7. So, if you want to see cake icons in the "Pastel" style only, simply select the corresponding style before entering "Cake" or "Kuchen" in your search field.

8. Now, choose the appropriate icon, and it will instantly appear in your quiz field.

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