Can I pause my Perspective account?

Find out if and how you can pause your account or your plan.

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Can I pause my plan?

Unfortunately, this option is currently not available at Perspective.

To stop your subscription and make sure to not get charged for the used contingents of your plan, you need to cancel your account.

If you cancel your account, you will no longer have access to your Funnels as soon as you deactivate it.

Is it possible to use the same account at a later point or do I have to create a new account?

In good news: You can reactivate your account later.

To do so, head over to this page and simply log in with your log in data. Next, you can easily select your desired plan and reactivate your account.

By clicking on a plan, the total amount you have to pay for your plan will be debited from your account. In case of upcoming problems or errors, for example if reactivating your account does not work properly, please contact our support team and send us the following information:

  • Account email address

  • Name and duration of the plan you’d like to book

Note 💡

For data protection reasons, we automatically delete the funnel and account data after a certain period of time upon termination.

We adhere to the following deadlines for deletion:

  • Funnel and data after 6 months (e.g.: leads, funnels, domains)

  • Account data after 12 months (e.g. invoices)

However, you can start the process from the beginning if you reactivate the account once before the end of the 6 months and pay for one month. The counter will then be reset to 0.

Why can I not reactivate my plan?

A possible reason could be an expired payment method that is no longer active. In this case, it is not possible to reactivate your account automatically.

Please contact our support team providing the following information:

  • Account Email Address

  • Screenshot of the error message as it appears on your screen

Find more information on the following topics in our Help Center:

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