What can I use Perspective for?

Learn more about how you can use the Perspective mobile funnels for your business.

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What are your benefits of using Perspective Funnels?

With Perspective Funnels you can easily create mobile optimized websites to attract potential new leads and customers in an efficient, easy and sustainable way.

With the world's easiest editor, you have an opportunity to create your first mobile funnel in just a few minutes without any design or programming skills. Pre-written texts, well-tested templates for every possible industry and over 1,000 integration tools help you publish your mobile funnel quickly.

What value do mobile funnels offer?

  • Automate and scale your customer acquisition process by generating new contact data using different interaction tools on your website, running your email campaigns and linking to your business several times.

  • Get to know your target audience better

  • Increase customer engagement & interaction using interactive funnels that are personalized to your customers’ needs

  • Become a pioneer in the digital marketing world with mobile-first experience.

    Remember that most of your potential customers use their phones to access websites. Their behavior is quite different compared to visiting a website over a desktop: they tap and swipe rather than scroll and expect much more interactive experiences on their phones

  • Integrate mobile marketing funnels into your marketing activities easily

  • Inform existing contacts about products or services and promote them in an interactive way

How do we use Perspective Funnels for successful digital marketing?

Generally speaking, you can use Perspective Funnels in any industry. If you are curious about other companies who already use our funnels successfully, read through some of our case studies here.

From our own experience, funnel marketing is especially interesting for the following areas:

  • Making appointments

  • Generating applications for jobs

  • Creating a quiz, raffles and prize draws

  • Use a freebie in exchange for a lead’s email address

  • Sharing a non-binding offer

If you are unsure about how using Perspective mobile funnels could help your business succeed, feel free to contact our support team. Let’s have a chat and find out how our software can support your business growth together.

You can also view our free crash course webinar to hear more about Perspective funnels. Click here to register.

Find more information on the following topics in our Help Center:

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