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How can I personalize my funnel using the list function?
How can I personalize my funnel using the list function?

Use the list function with just one line and with your personal image, title, and description.

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You have the opportunity to personalize your funnel using the list function by adding your personal image, name, and a suitable description. Doing this will give your customers even more confidence as your funnel gets a personal touch right from the beginning which, in turn, creates a stronger personal connection.

This is how it could look like:


  • References

  • Employees with quotes

  • Product list

  • Company introduction

This is how you can set up the list function with one line for yourself:

  • Add another block and select the list element

  • Delete rows until there is only one row left

  • Choose the option to insert an image instead of an emoji

  • Include your personal image, your name, and an appropriate description

  • Center your personalized row

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