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How can I copy a page from one funnel to another?
How can I copy a page from one funnel to another?

How to copy a page and build your funnels even faster.

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Copying a page - what does it mean?

If you are using a funnel, for example for Social Recruiting, you may want to reuse a page that you have created exceptionally well in some of your other funnels. To save you from building the same page from scratch every time, we have included the so-called "Copy Page" feature for you.

With this feature, you can copy a page from Funnel A into Funnel B. This way, you only need to move said page to the right place and then make adjustments as needed.

How can I copy a page?

  • First, click on the three dots next to the corresponding page in your original funnel.

  • Then, click on "Copy to Funnel."

  • Choose the correct funnel to which you want to add the page.

  • You can then use the small blue box to decide whether you want to copy the page and then edit it in the funnel, or if you like to copy the page but still keep it in the original funnel for now.

  • In your second funnel, you can find the newly copied page just before the results page.

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