Where do I find inspiration and tips?

You want to optimize your funnel or have questions on how to begin? Read through some of our recommendations in this article.

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The perfect start with your "Path to Success"

What is the "Path to Success"?

In your Perspective account, you'll find a complete beginners course on how to create your first successful funnel. Let us show you the most important functions, tips and tricks around the topic of funnel marketing here, so that you can start building your own successful funnel right away.

You'll find all the videos in your Perspective account's menu under "achievements".

Find quick solutions to your questions in our help center

What do I find in the Help Center?

In addition to our Academy, where you will find all the basics you need, we provide you with many more answers to your questions in our Help Center.

Next to helpful tips about topics such as domains, analysis and funnel logic, you will also find necessary information about our affiliate program, as well as exciting updates that are guaranteed to make your Perspective journey even better.

Find new inspiration in our Case Studies

Where can I find examples for my branch?

To show you how Perspective funnels are used successfully, we provide you with a thorough overview of many different industries of companies who have applied our Perspective knowledge. This way, you can have yourself inspired to get the best possible knowledge about applied funnel marketing.

For more exciting case studies, visit our Youtube channel.

Exchange ideas and get valuable tips in our German-speaking Facebook Community

Joining our interactive Facebook community, you’ll get the unique opportunity to access the knowledge and support of many enthusiastic funnel builders.

Become a part of an ambitious and motivated community of entrepreneurs and knowledgeable marketers who support each other in their goals.

Get our best tips for sustainable, successful funnels

To improve your funnels even further and, in turn, attract an even greater amount of leads, you'll find our most valuable funnel design tips summarized below.

Find more information on the following topics in our Help Center:

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