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What are Workspaces?
What are Workspaces?

Introducing Workspaces: Your personalized applicant tracking and lead management hub

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Workspaces are dedicated areas within Perspective that allow you to group funnels, invite clients (or team members), and let them manage their applicants or leads. Each Workspace operates independently, ensuring client data and processes are organized and distinct.

Why Choose Workspaces?

  • Customize for Your Clients: Give each Workspace a personal touch with your client's branding, including a unique sub-domain and logo. This creates a familiar and professional environment.

  • Streamlined Collaboration: Easily invite clients to their own Workspaces. They get secure access for managing applicants and leads, simplifying teamwork.

  • GDPR Compliance Made Easy: With Workspaces, you can ditch external tools like Google Sheets, ensuring data privacy and GDPR compliance.

Unleashing the Power of Workspaces

Workspaces empower both you and your clients to achieve remarkable results!

For You:

  • Smoothly manage multiple clients, easily switching between Workspaces.

  • Invite up to 10 team members/customers to your workspace.

  • Enhance your professional image with a branded, sophisticated system.

  • Guarantee client privacy with individual Workspaces.

  • Avoid buying expensive third party tools for lead management.

For Your Clients:

  • Gain control over applicant tracking and lead management.

  • Enjoy a secure, tailored environment for their data.

  • Experience a professional, brand-aligned recruitment process.

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