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What can invited users access in the Workspace?
What can invited users access in the Workspace?

What invited users can and cannot see/edit

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What can invited users view/edit?

  1. CRM Access: Access to the CRM is available for all live funnels that are part of the invited user’s workspace, provided these funnels utilize our advanced V4 tracking engine.

  2. Viewing and Editing Contact Information: Users can see and modify all captured contacts and their data, ensuring they can manage customer interactions effectively. This includes changing a lead's status either in a contact's profile or through moving it in the Kanban view. Only the "Created at" property is locked to maintain accurate records of when contacts were initially added.

What are the restrictions for invited users?

While invited users have considerable access to CRM functionalities, certain restrictions are in place to safeguard the broader system settings and structures:

  1. No Access to Account and Workspace Settings: Invited users cannot alter account or workspace settings, preserving the overall structure and security settings as determined by account administrators.

  2. Funnel Management Limitations: Activities like funnel creation, editing (via the funnel editor), and accessing funnel analytics are outside the scope of invited user permissions.

  3. Exclusion from Funnel Integrations and Settings: Invited users are not permitted to modify funnel integrations or funnel settings. This includes any CRM settings related to property editing, creation, or deletion.

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