How do I enable phone validation? (Beta)

Learn how to ensure that the collected phone number is in the correct format

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How do I enable phone validation?

Phone validation allows you to ensure that the phone number collected is in the correct format based on the country code used. You can enable this feature by clicking on the shield icon within the phone input field.

Now your phone number can be validated against any specific country code. Select a default country code to display for the visitor.

You can also customize the language of the error message that your visitor receives when they enter a non-valid phone number. By default, the language that is used here (if you do not make any adjustments) is the language that you set as the account language when creating your funnel.

Does phone validation work with the Calendly Block?

When using the validation with the phone field you are able to automatically populate the number into the phone field of your invite. If you don’t have a phone field on your invite, the phone number will simply populate into a free text field.

You can find more information about our Calendly integration here.

Can visitors enter in phone numbers with 00 instead of +49?

Yes, our phone validation feature does support visitors who enter 00 instead of +49 when entering their phone number.

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