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Which shortcuts can I use when building funnels?
Which shortcuts can I use when building funnels?

How to navigate effortlessly through the editor with shortcuts

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With keyboard shortcuts, you can make your design process faster, more efficient & navigate through the editor in seconds.

Keyboard shortcuts to edit your funnel:

You can design your funnel even faster by using the keyboard shortcuts shown

  • Arrow keys or Tab to navigate through the blocks on your funnel page

  • Enter to add a block (after you have selected it via the small blue "+")

  • Backspace to delete a selected block

  • Tab to switch between pages (works when no block is selected)

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With our undo/redo button at the bottom right next to the preview, you can easily undo or redo changes you have made and compare different versions of your funnel.

Keyboard shortcuts to move through your Account:

Simply press cmd+k (or ctrl+k on Windows), and instantly jump between various sections of Perspective.


This allows you to quickly:

  • Find funnels (also across workspaces)

  • Navigate to the help centre

  • View your settings & domains

  • Switch to your performance dashboard

Find more information on the following topics in our Helpcenter:

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