How can I add custom HTML to my funnel?

How to make your funnels more interactive and customized for visitors, with external objects or tools

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The HTML Block allows you to insert custom elements in your Funnels with HTML, beyond our native blocks.

If you’d like to add a Google Sheet, or display a PDF, or embed any third party application; the HTML block lets you do it. The possibilities are endless.

💡 This feature is only available on Advanced Plans. Click here to get more information about our plans.

How can I add the HTML Code?

To add HTML code to your funnel, you first need to add the HTML block into your funnel:

1. Select a Layout in your funnel
2. Click on the small blue "+" to add a new block

3. Select the HTML block to add it to your layout

4. Click on the HTML icon to edit the embed code

5. Add your embed code here

6. You made it! Once you’ve added in your HTML code you will see a live preview in the editor

Publish your changes and you’ll have great new interactive content on your Funnel.

What can I embed via HTML Code?

In theory the possibilities are endless, but here are some examples:

Embed a PDF

<embed src="<>" width="500" height="375" type="application/pdf">
  • Copy this code above and paste it into the HTML Block

  • Replace the example link with the PDF link that you wish to embed

  • Publish your Funnel

Please note width and height attribute values are specified in pixels by default, but can be set as percentages.

Embed an Airtable View

  • Open Airtable and click on “Share view” then “Create a shareable grid view link

  • Click “Embed this view on your site” which opens up in a new tab

  • Copy the embed code

  • Paste the link into the HTML editor of your Funnel

  • Publish your Funnel

Embed a Google Sheet

  • Go to your Google sheet and File → Share → Publish to Web

  • Click on Embed

  • Copy the code and paste it into the HTML block

  • Publish your funnel

Note 💡

You can also use ChatGPT to generate a suitable HTML widget. Simply adapt this prompt for your project:

Write me HTML code without `html`, `head` or `body` tags.

The HTML code shall achieve the following:

- ...

Here you can add your specs, like for example:

  • Show a countdown until the 24th of December 2024.

  • Show the remaining days, hours, and seconds.

  • ...

Find additional information on the following topics in our Help Center:

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