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What are streaks? + FAQs

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If you've been completing your health tasks every day, you have just started your Streak! Your streak is maintained when you consistently complete all of your tasks (including the Daily Bonus!) without missing a day.

How can I check my streak?

You can see how long your current streak is by looking at the top-left tile on the Today page in the app.

I completed all of my tasks, but my streak has been reset. Why?

Interruptions to the app's connection to the internet can sometimes result in tasks not being recorded correctly. If this happens please reach out to us or let our friendly support bot that you would like to talk to a person, and we'll be able to help! Simply let us know what dates were affected and what caused your streak to break and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

What happens to my streaks when I travel overseas?

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