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What we do and don't do with your sensitive information

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Privacy of your personal and health information is very important to us here at Perx, and unlike most companies we actually mean that. So let's start with the big one.

Perx does not sell your data to third parties.

What do we mean? We do not give, sell, rent, loan or otherwise monetise your health information to third parties - it's that simple. But to spell it out...

  1. We do not sell your information directly to other companies that you have never even heard of without your permission.

  2. We do not sell your information indirectly via third-party data brokers, a sneaky tactic used to obfuscate what companies are really doing with your data 

  3. We do not sell your information to marketing technology companies like Facebook or Google who then make it available for the benefit of other companies.

Why can I trust Perx?

We understand that you are probably sceptical because most other health apps have built their businesses on selling away your personal information. But at Perx, we believe that protecting privacy is the right thing to do. It's in our DNA, it's in our company practices and in how we secure your information (read more about our security).

Need more? You can also trust our partners like NSW Health who would only work with us if we protect their citizen's confidential information. As a registered supplier, they have reviewed our privacy policies and procedures and given us their tick of approval.

Want to read the fine-print? Our full privacy policy is available here:

So how do you make money and pay for my rewards?

Paying our gift-cards to our members while making no money does sound a little too hard to believe 💸. Thankfully, we found a better way to sustain Perx: better for you and better for us. 

Perx runs programs for health organisations like healthcare providers, health insurers and life-science companies. They pay us to deliver Perx to you for free, just like they would pay for a nurse to treat patients or education pamphlets for their members. Our revenue is generally based on how many people we help and what kind of outcomes those people get from using Perx to manage their health. 

So there's a three way relationship between you, Perx and the Commercial Partner who sponsors your particular program. 

Read more about our commercial partnerships

What about Perx Free?

Perx Free is a program that we provide where we sponsor the program out of our own revenue. The benefits and rewards in the Perx Free program are less that other programs because of this. 

Read more about Perx Free

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