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I wish to activate, deactivate or change an advert
I wish to activate, deactivate or change an advert

How to adjust quantities and modify the detail of an ad

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All the ads created are automatically saved in your professional space, even if they are inactive (unless you delete them). This way, you can access all of your ads at any time and modify, publish or deactivate them.

  • It only takes on click to adjust the quantity of baskets from the homepage of your professional space or from the section “my adverts”

  • Or you can access each ad's detail page to edit its description, image, price, weekly publication schedule, publication and pick-up times, etc.

👉To rapidly active or adjust quantities of the day🥕

You can quickly adjust the quantity for your basket of the day from the homepage or the section “My ads” : at the bottom of your advert’s tag click on ➕ to activate or add baskets and on ➖ if you wish to reduce the quantity of baskets. That's all there is to it!

On the homepage:

On “My adverts”:

👉To change the other details of your ad🥕

If you wish to change the day of publication, daily quantities, or other details such as the description, price, picture, time-slots of the publication and pick-up, you will have to access the page of your ad.

  • by clicking on the pen icon at the top of your advert's tag on the homepage

  • or on the tab “My ads” to access the list of all your active and inactive ads, then on the thumb wheel “Change my ad” ⚙

You can change :

  1. the basic information such as the description, price, picture, ect …

  2. The publication’s type, for example, automatically program publications for specific days by choosing the recurring mode : add the quantity adapted for you and the differents time-slots

  3. Attention, do not forget to register all the changes at the bottom of the page!

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🍣 Need help ?

If you need advice, don't hesitate to contact our team at the number and address indicated in your space 🙂

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