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Create a 'recurring' ad

Your best anti-waste strategy!

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The advantages of 'recurring' publication ✨

Recurring ads allow you to automate the publication of your baskets every week by estimating in advance the number of baskets to be published and setting the publication frequency, from 1 to 7 days per week.

This is a real time saver: you no longer need to log in every day to publish your baskets, but you always have the possibility to adjust your publication on the same day, by increasing or decreasing your quantities, or even cancelling your publication of the day if necessary.

Recurrence allows you to install a sustainable waste-free routine, to attract a constant flow of new customers and to retain the most committed. This way you put all the chances on your side to save your unsold goods! 🍓😉

How to create a 'recurring' ad

First, log in to your professional space.

1. Click on 'My Ads', then 'New Ad'.

2. Then fill in the fields common to all ads:

  • title

  • type of product

  • diet

  • description of the contents of your basket

  • a representative image of your basket

  • base price, % discount or price after discount (the calculation is done automatically)

3. Choose the "recurring" ad type

4. Create your publication calendar by adding:

  • the publication days of the week one by one,

  • the daily quantities,

  • the publication and pick-up times for each publication day (the times you have indicated in 'My store infos' are proposed by default, but you can modify them).

5. If you wish, you can offer your recurring ad as a subscription to users by ticking the "offer as a subscription" box.

6. Publish the ad at the bottom of the page.

And that's it! 🤩 You can find your ad at any time from your homepage or in the "My ads" tab.

💡 Useful Liks

🧁 Need help?

If you need advice, please contact the Phenix team at the number and email address indicated in your space 🙂

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